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How to trim small animal claws


Nail trimming can be done at home and here are a few tips I've picked up along the way. Trimming your piggies nails should start when they are about two months old. Their small size usually dictates the need for a second person - one to hold firmly and one to trim. Little piggie teeth are very sharp so be prepared and perform the procedure in a location where you can put the piggie down quickly to tend to a wound or two!

I recommend a set of baby sized nail clippers to begin (in proportion to tiny little nails) and trim a little bit off each nail in the beginning. Some piggies have clear nails and you will be able to easily see the blood line, others it may not be visible and you will have to guess. As your piggie gets older, you can switch to adult nail clippers or get a set of the scissors nail trimmers available in your local pet store.

If there's a golden rule to piggie nail trimming, it's probably frequency. If the nails are left for extended periods of time without attention, the bloodline advances closer to the tip. However, by trimming the nails more frequently, the bloodline miraculously recedes. Every 30 days seems to be a good average.

In the event you do trim the nail too short and cut through the bloodline, take a deep breath. You haven't mortally wounded your little friend! It's always a good idea to have a "styptic pencil" handy (available in the men's shaving area of your local drug store) or aluminum sulfate power (also from the drug store). Touch the end of the bleeding nail with the pencil or the powder and the bleeding will stop immediately (yes there is a little discomfort to your piggie so be strong).

As your piggie gets older you may stick to the two person format, but many owners have been successful using a nice big piece of carrot or another favorite food to distract piggie while getting the job done. Some even find it best to complete the task over a couple of days. Whatever method you find works best for you, stay calm and focused and everything will turn out fine!