Feeding pond fish

Pond fish are cold blooded and so are governed by the water temperature. A drop of as little as two degrees can stop fish eating and vice versa so keeping an eye on the forecast is a must for any pond fish keeper. Generally speaking if temperatures drop below 10°C fish will slow down and stop eating. If you feed at this temperature fish will either leave the food, which will pollute the water, or eat and not digest the food, causing internal problems. Some foods, however, are easier to digest than others and so each season has its better food source.

During the colder months wheatgerm sticks are ideal. These are easy to digest so when the water is colder and the fish’s metabolism slows it can still be digested. Only feed what your fish eat in a couple of minutes. If you find feed left after this time, reduce the amount next feed. Avoid feeding in the evening and remember, if your pond has natural food sources to feed less.

During warmer month a standard pond stick should provide everything your fish need to keep the healthy. Still only feed what your fish can take in a couple of minutes but if your pond has little natural food, or you have a lot of fish, you may need to feed a small amount twice a day. If you keep Koi you may prefer to use Carp sticks as these will enhance the colour of your fish.

If you are planning a holiday and don’t have anyone to come in and feed the fish you can use vacation fish food. This comes in a block form and can be dropped in before you go and will gradually dissolve releasing food over a 2/3-week period. If you have a lot of fish you may need more than one block and in hard water areas, where the blocks dissolve more slowly, you may also need more.

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