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Most cats will have fleas at some stage and many outdoor cats will come into contact with them regularly. There are a lot of way of dealing with them so let’s have a quick look at the options.

Firstly, you need to check your cat regularly, don’t wait for them to be scratching a lot, get a flea comb and run it through the fur. You may find a flea, but you will more likely find flea dirt which is small black grains. If you have a tissue to hand you can wipe the comb and you will easily see the dirt. If you then wet the tissue the flea dirt will make red patches, this is because it is your pet’s blood!

If you find fleas what next?

Spot-on’s are one on the most popular methods to rid your pet of their visitors. Be sure to buy ones specifically for cats, some dog spot-on’s contain an insecticide which is highly toxic to cats. Cats can even get ill from coming into contact with a dog in the home which has been treated with one of these products, so care must be taken when using them. All Spot-on treatments at Paws are cat-friendly but for the correct dosage always use a specific cat product. Bob Martin Clear Flea and tick is a pesticide free spot on so it is even more gentle on our pets.

Flea collars are also popular but you must remember to replace the collar every 4 months. Armitage Cat Glitter Felt Flea Collar is a pretty solution to keep fleas at bay.

Another option, which most people are less aware of, is flea tablets. The tablets start working after just 15 minutes and treatment can be repeated any time you see fleas on your cat (or dog as it is available for dogs too). It is also suitable for kittens over 4 weeks so can be used earlier than most other treatments.

Don’t forget to treat your home as well as your pet. Vacuuming bedding and furniture may be enough but if not then there are spray on flea treatments for the home like Johnsons 4 Fleas house spray.

We’ve got everything you need…

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