Hot Dog!

Keep Your Cool This Summer

As the days start to warm up (finally), it’s a good time to stock up on items to keep pets cool.

Remember to check pavements before going out on hot days as hot paths can burn paw pads! Boots are available for working dogs, such as guide dogs and service dogs. Cooling jackets are also available but it’s still better to avoid exercising dogs in the heat of the day.

A lot of items we have to order in so make sure you get ahead of the game and order early to ensure you have the items when the hot weather arrives. Hot weather items quickly go out of stock during hot spells so its best to order early! We do have limited stock instore of cooling mats, travel water bottles and bowls.

Cooling mats are great for dogs, especially after walks on warm mornings or evenings.

Travel bowls are a must to keep their hydration up on days out.

We’ve got everything you need…

As a small independent Banbury Pet Shop we carry as much stock as the shop will allow, however sometimes we just don’t have the room. The good news is we can get it, If you’re looking for a particular product take a look at Vital Pet Specialist, you can order items to be delivered for FREE. Click the logo to find what you need.

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