Kitty Krate – creating your kitten’s safe space

Getting a new pet is always an exciting time; but not so much for the new pet. Leaving their mother and siblings can be quite a difficult transition for a kitten, but you can help!

One of the best things you can do for your new fur baby is to make a safe retreat. A crate is ideal for this as, not only are you creating a safe place, but you can also keep your kitten safely contained (and out of mischief) if you need to nip to the shops: or even overnight.

Start with a small crate, just big enough for a bed, litter tray and water dish. Pop the bed in a box, turned on its side, to give your kitten a cosy hiding place. A small pet corner toilet is ideal for a mini litter tray, just so it has somewhere to go if it’s shut in (luckily kittens are very clean and avoid soil their bedding!). A small fluffy blanket in the box and a small, but heavy, dish of water (ceramic bowls are ideal) and there you have it! You could also put a blanket over the top of the cage to make it even cosier.

Keep the cage off the ground if you can, as kittens feel safer off ground level, and always out of direct sunlight and drafts. Make a rule that if the kitten is in the crate then it mustn’t be disturbed; no petting! No matter how cute they look.

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