NEW IN! Top Brands added to our fishing range.

We’ve added more top brands to our fishing range!

Mainline and BAIT-TECH are available in store NOW, alongside other great brands Crafty Catcher, Rod Hutchinson and our own bags of Skretting.

Our fishing range is growing all the time. We provide a wide variety of products to suit all your fishing needs as well as equipment and accessories to get you the best catch and keep you comfortable too.

Some of the lines we stock include:

  • Mainline –
    • Response Boilies
    • Response Pellets
    • High Impact
    • Bait Spray
    • Hi-Visual pop-ups
    • Match
    • Souper Zig Mix
    • Sticky Syrup
    • Activated Pellets


  • Bait-Tech
    • Poloni Boilies
    • Big Carp
    • Pro Natural
    • F1
    • Triple-N
    • Special ‘G’
    • Pro Feeder
    • Krill Pellets
    • Super CLS
    • Glug


  • Crafty CatcherTip Offs
    • Zig Bites
    • Particle mixes




  • Rod Hutchinson
    • Legend Hardcorn
    • Gourmet Pop Ups
    • Instant Attractor
    • Legend dip
    • Boilie Dip





  • NGT
    • Boilies
    • Ground Bait
    • Express Attractor
    • Wide range of Equipment and Accessories



  • Skretting
    • Pellets
    • Expander Pellets
    • Halibut



And that’s just a selection of what we have to offer, there’s more!! A visit to the shop won’t leave you disappointed and remember, you can park outside the shop completely free.

As if all that choice wasn’t enough we also offer 10% off your next purchase, in store, everytime you spend £25 on our fishing range!

We’ve got everything you need…

As a small independent Banbury Pet Shop we carry as much stock as the shop will allow, however sometimes we just don’t have the room. The good news is we can get it, If you’re looking for a particular product take a look at Vital Pet Specialist, you can order items to be delivered for FREE. Click the logo to find what you need.

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