Seasonal Bird Feeding – Spring

Spring is one of the busiest times of the year for our garden birds. Nest building is usually complete, but they continue to maintain them throughout the breeding season, so providing nesting materials throughout spring is helpful. It is important to provide food for chicks at this time. Peanuts should not be put out whole as an adult could choke a chick with a large piece of nut. Peanut grounds are better, or keeping whole peanuts in feeders where the birds peck off small piece and cannot get large pieces through the mesh. Live mealworms are fantastic at this time of year. A lot of chicks can only be fed insects and dried mealworms do not provide the chicks with the fluids they need. Other birds feed their chicks a regurgitated seed soup. Sunflower hearts and ideal as they are full of essential fats and oils. Blackbirds and robins will also feed their fledglings dried fruit, like raisins and sultanas, but these are best avoided if you have a dog as vine-fruits are toxic to them.

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