Seasonal Bird Feeding – Summer

Some of our visitors may be onto their second and third clutches in summer, so offering the same ‘baby-foods’ is still important. The older chicks will have fledged and you may spot them visiting the feeders now.

By the end of the summer, the adults tend to hide away as they go through a moult to get rid of their feathers that took a battering while they raised their little families, so don’t worry if the feeders seem quiet.



Be sure to empty feeders regularly, if the birds aren’t, to make sure the feed stays fresh and doesn’t clog in the feeders. The end of summer is an ideal time to check over the feeders, replacing damaged ones, and thoroughly cleaning everything.

Don’t forget to check the birds have access to water for drinking and bathing every day. Birdbaths dry up quickly in hot weather, so checking around tea time and topping up is a great idea so the birds can freshen up after a hot day.

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