Winter warmth for Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are often kept in the garden where they can happily spend sunny days, munching on grass and generally pottering about. But the colder months can be less friendly to our little piggies. In the winter Guinea Pigs can have respiratory conditions, get frostbite and even die from the cold! Bringing your pet in from the cold is the best option but indoor accommodation can bring with it some challenges.

Guinea Pigs need space. We know now that a small hutch isn’t going to provide the animal with the best care possible and Guinea Pigs don’t like to live alone, so the more space the better. Although indoor cages may not allow as much space as an outdoor run you should try to give them as much space as you can. Go for cages which say they are for rabbits as these are usually bigger. Using a smaller cage may be an option if you want to allow your Piggies out for plenty of exercise during the day.

For years we have used sawdust as a bedding material for small pets but we are now beginning to realise that there are better options. I thick layer of newspaper with a good covering of hay is ideal for Guinea Pigs, they can snuffle, snuggle and munch while staying dry and comfortable. Remember, to stay healthy Guinea Pigs must eat their body weight in hay every day!!!! So why not make life easy for them and you by avoiding the shavings.

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